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MPC Bach C5 to Vincent Bach New York 10 1/2C Wowziers!!!!

Hey trumpeters believe it or not I bought a Olds Ambassador and got two mouthpieces with it, one was a Vincent Bach New York 10 1/2C, I tried it once or twice and put it away because it was to small. I was playing on a Bach C5 and was making great progress. One secret to playing is buzzing so while drving to and from work I buzz. Well quess what my embouchure got so much better I tried the New York Bach 10 1/2 C and to my surprise I played even better.

So you know I switched, and to top it off it appears this is a vintage 60 -70's or later mouthpiece. I read that Clifford Brown used a similar size 10 1/2 CW and Miles Davis with the heim had a close size. My control has increased and the tone some say maybe to bright I beg to differ I can go from fat and warm to high and bright.

I listen to a combo of Till Bronner, Chet Baker, Clifford, Hargrove , and Chris Botti to develop a nice sound.

So with all that said the mouthpiece safari has stopped for now, this will be my primary. I will however being purchasing the Holton Heim #2 mouthpiece in the coming weeks since I can work well with a small mpc. By the way if you look at Roy Hargrove's current mpc he has a Heim remake, go figure!!

Small is BIG!!! U get more control, everyone thinks the lastest big size is the holy grail but remember Clifford, Miles and others learned to go small to control their tone and intonation.

Psalms 150:

Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,

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