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Harrelson Prototype HT6 Trumpet Dark Jazz Combo Horn w/ Custom Engraving!

Harrelson HT6 Prototype Bb Trumpet - Regular Price $4495.00 - NO RESERVE! w/ $2750 Starting bid Check out the Ebay Auction running now: Or, email for more details.

SUMMER BONUS - Add ANY In-stock Finger Button INLAYS for FREE! (this auction only)

This HT6 Prototype was designed specifically for jazz solo/combo playing. This model is suitable for all settings requiring very dark broad overtones in all registers including jazz combo, big band, symphonic band, quintet and large orchestra. The sound of this horn is approaching flugelhorn-dark especially with a standard or deep cup mouthpiece. You will sound dark on this horn even when playing on lead mouthpieces. If you currently play a Monette, Taylor or Eclipse, then seriously consider the HT6 prototype as a major upgrade to your current equipment. There is no model in the Bach, Schilke or Yamaha lines that is comparable to this trumpet.

Built on the Reversed Bravura #0 leadpipe (broad/dark) and the #3 bell (broad/dark), this horn is smooth and velvety from top to bottom. Lip slurs from low G to triple g (above double high c) are clean and smooth requiring substantial of air volume. This horn is the exact opposite in tone character and air resistance as the HT4 Prototype trumpet (auction ended on Monday). Put down your Martin Committee and start playing a new horn that is designed to play in tune with a darker tone and more air volume than any vintage Martin. This is the perfect Jazz Horn for high air volume players!

Monette Players: The HT6 is comparable to the Prana 7 (or B997) in open airflow, tone, slotting and overall stability without the completely spread out diffused affect of the 5-5/8" Prana bell. The HT6 is more focused, but just as dark and broad with better stability. This is darker than the Prana 3 or B993 models. Monette mouthpieces are a great pairing with this horn!

The HT prototype was built on a high quality monel valve block with a wide-taper #3 bell, 4-inch valve casing brace, high-efficiency high air volume leadpipe #0 and 5/8" receiver. Jason Harrelson engraved 100% coverage of the HT6 Prototype, which is absolutely stunning. Harrelson SWE 3/8" bottom caps, top caps and finger buttons provide solid attacks and excellent audible feedback to the player.

HT6 designates that this is the 6th HT Prototype trumpet built. The Harrelson HT line of trumpets will enter production later this year as a lighter alternative to the more efficient Bravura design. "HT6" is engraved on the 2nd valve casing. "06-20-08" and "LP 0 BELL 3" are stamped on the valve casing brace. This horn was built just 4 days ago. The retail price of this prototype is $4495 based on the time required to build & ENGRAVE this unique one of a kind design. There is no reserve on this horn and the starting price is very low. In the event that HT6 does not sell this week, Jason Harrelson will most likely keep it as his own personal combo horn and it will no longer be for sale. Feel free to call Jason Harrelson with your questions...952.442.8789

The HT6 Trumpet easily fits into all gig bags.

Retail Price: $4495.00
Condition: New trumpet built on monel valveset
Overall Weight: 2 pounds, 14 ounces
Leadpipe: Bravura #0 - open airflow, broad suitable for solo & jazz
Bell: #3 with 5.0" diameter rim designed for combo playing
Mouthpiece Receiver: 5/8"
Trim Kit: Harrelson Recessed Top Caps, Heavy Finger Buttons, 3/8" Bottom Caps
Water Keys: (2) Saturns
3rd Slide Stop: Black cord type
Finger Rings: 3 Harrelson Ergonomic Finger Rings
Vertical Valve Alignment: Yes
Slide Crooks: Brass
Tuning Slide: Reversed Semi-Round w/brace
Finish: Brushed Raw Brass
Delivery Schedule: Ready to Ship!
Shipping: This trumpet will be shipped via USPS Express Insured and double-boxed for safe handling.

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Comment by ROMAN on June 29, 2014 at 6:17pm

Да! Клёвая труба. Но это только мечта иметь такую.

Comment by ROMAN on June 29, 2014 at 6:18pm

Yes! Cool pipe. But this is only a dream to have such.


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